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comes,’ he said. ‘I might be able to find her some job, if she still wants work. Perhaps your mother’s death has made her independent.’ He

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paused a moment. ‘Naturally I don’t want to be impertinent in inquiring into your affairs, Propert,’ he said. ‘Don’t think that. But

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if I can help, let me{46} know. Going, are you? Good-bye; don’t forget to order me Beardsley’s Morte d’Arthur.’ He walked out with him into the square Gothic hall with its hideous tiles, its castellated chimney-piece, its painted wheelbarrow, its card-bearing

crocodile, and observed Propert going towards the green-baize door that led to the kitchen passage. ‘Where are you going?’ asked Keeling. ‘I always c

ome and go this way, sir,’ said Propert. Keeling opened the front door for him. ‘This is the proper door to use, when you come to see me,’

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he said. He stood a minute or two at the front door, with broken mel

  • aid. ‘But in London you get so
  • much more opportunity for
  • study of all sorts. She had
  • a British Museum ticket, and studi
  • ed at the Polytech

odies from Omar Khayyam lingering like fragments of half-remembered tunes in his head. ‘A

  • nic.’ Keeling
  • picked up the Singleton Mort
  • e d’Arthur and care
  • fully blew a grain of cigarett
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